Extrbici 240w Electric Road Bike

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The Extrbici RS600 comes in grey, blue or orange/red which is suitable for an adult measurigng 160-190cm and weighing up to 330lbs. It has a 700 x 28 inch pro road bike wheel and a 50cm high strength carbon steel frame. It has a 240w brushless hub motor with 3 speed controller which means that you can have assisted riding on any road up to 30km/h. The battery is 36v 15Ah and is fixed on the frame. It can go up to 35km on battery only mode but with pedal assist this can be extended to 70km. It has 21 speed Shimano TY300 shift lever and Shimano TZ-30 derailleurs.


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Extrbici 240w Electric Road Bike