LANKELEISI XT750 Cool 26″ Foldable Electric Bike

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This is a Lankeleisi XT750 foldable electric bike. It has 26 inch wheels and 27 gears and can take a loan of up to 150kg. It has a 240w motor with a 36v battery which can charge in 5-7 hours. It can reach speeds of 25-35km/h. The pedal assist mode will last for 65-80km and in full electric mode t will last for 40-50km. It is suitable for adults measuring between 160 and 185cm. It has an aluminium alloy frame and fork and double mechanical disc brakes. This is a handy bike as you can not only get electric assistance if you get tired when cycling or need a bit of help up hills or when facing the wind.


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LANKELEISI XT750 Cool 26″ Foldable Electric Bike