Extrabici 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bike 750w

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This is an Extrbici electric mountain bike which come in a choice of blue, green, red or white. It has a 48v high powered motor and can reach speeds up to 35km/h. It has a smart computer with five settings which display the battery status, speed, trip distance and modes. There is a 2.48v 13Ah lithium battery which can support a 4-80km trip with just one 6-8 hour charge in the pedal assist mode depending on terrain. The aluminium alloy frame is 3.26 inches which has full suspension. It has a 4.0 inch fat tyre which can cope with snow, sand and mountain riding. It is suitable for a rider with a height of between 165cm and 190cm with a weight of up to 360lbs.


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Extrabici 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bike 750w