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Tips for staying safe & dry this February

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bike & Go is suitable for all abilities and most importantly it's suitable for all weathers, so don't let the elements be your excuse not to Bike & Go!

  • Carry out pre checks before you leave the station.

It is so important to check that your bike is in full working order before you leave the station. The last thing you want is to find faults on the bike when you're out and about. So, double check that your seat is to the right height, check that both brakes and lights are working and that your tyres are fully inflated. If the bike is damaged, let the station staff know and they will provide you with a key for a different bike. Click here for a full 7 point check. 

  • Wear the right kind of clothes for your Bike & Go ride.

A good choice of clothes on your bike ride will not only keep you safe this February, but also it will keep you dry! If you're cycling during the day you may want to think about wearing bright clothes and if it's night time don't forget to wear something reflective. This will allow other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to see you and will help to keep you safe. Last but not least don't forget your waterproofs! With typical wet and windy February weather it is always better to be safe than sorry!

  • Plan ahead.

To get the most out of your Bike & Go ride you may want to think about planning your route before you go. The UK is blessed with many beautiful cycle paths and it would be a shame not to experience them; so spend a few minutes researching cycle routes near you before hiring your Bike & Go. If you're needing a bit of inspiration click here. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings.

When you're out and about cycling it's so important to be aware of what is around you, especially if you're cycling near pedestrians and traffic. If you're a confident cycler then try to use cycle lanes when you can. Cycle lanes allow you to move at your own pace without the worry of holding traffic up, and the separate lane means you have more space making it safer for yourself and motorists. If there are no cycle lanes available to use try your best to use hand signals when turning, so drivers know where you're going!

  • Last but not least, enjoy the ride!

Exploring and discovering places on a bike can be so enjoyable and cycling on a Bike & Go is no different. So hire a bike from your nearest Bike & Go station and see what adventures you will end up taking!