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Monday, March 27, 2017

I've been registered with Bike & Go for a couple of years now, and so far have used it a few times in Colchester, and once from Liverpool Street Station and I have greatly enjoyed all the excursions I have made.

I have my own bicycle at home, but find it much easier and more convenient to use Bike & Go than try to take my own bike on an Inter-city train. 

I particularly like the bikes for their comfortable riding position which give a sturdy and secure-feeling. The 7 gears are also easy to use and the low step-through frame is very good and makes getting on and off the bike very safe. There is also loads of luggage space on the front and back and the dynamo lights are a nice added safety touch.

Hiring a Bike & Go from the railway stations are easy and the staff are always helpful and friendly. I just show them my membership card and they get me a bike key. No money changes hands either, it is very conveniently taken from your bank card that you used to register with. Bike hire is also extremely affordable (£3.80 per day) and no deposit is needed.

I had booked in advance to see an evening show at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester and I decided to leave Ipswich early so I could explore more of Colchester on a Bike & Go. Upon getting my bike I cycled along the River Colne pathway which is very flat and smooth, it is also an ideal way to enjoy the sights of the river and lake. I then cycled to Colchester Castle which is very well preserved and surrounded by a lovely park, which also provides wonderful panoramic views of Colchester. It was then time for bite to eat, so I locked up my bike and enjoyed exploring the upmarket and interesting selection of shops.

I explored a bit more before making my way to my theatre show which was excellent. When I left the theatre it was totally dark, but the Bike & Go dynamo lights made finding my way back to the station very straight forward.

Overall, I am delighted with Bike & Go, they greatly add to my enjoyment of excursions by train. Cycling is also made so much more efficient and easy, which means I have a lot more energy available to enjoy my day out!