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My Bike & Go Day Trip to London

Friday, June 1, 2018

Our customer, Sue, tells us all about one of her favourite Bike & Go day trips along the River Thames.

My journey followed a section of the Thames Path along the north bank eastwards from Tower Bridge to Island Gardens, going under the Thames by the foot-tunnel to Greenwich on the south bank, and back the same way.

This whole bike journey took me only approx 4 hours, to see so much! 

It was wonderful to effortlessly glide along on my sturdy and comfy Bike & Go. The route is entirely flat, of course (at river/sea level!) so is ideal for bikes.  There is no way I could have walked all that way... the bike is the only and best way to explore such large tracts of the Thames Path. 


Thanks to Bike & Go I am enjoying and discovering areas of London I would never have seen otherwise, especially the East End, and my new discovery of the Thames Path.

I intend to travel this same stretch of the path in future again as the (large) river is so impressive and refreshing for this stretch, Canary Wharf and Greenwich are especially exciting and amazing but I also want to explore other parts of the Path eg. west to Westminster/Chelsea etc, and the south bank side too.


Description of my journey:

  1. Arrived by train at Liverpool Street (from Ipswich).  Got my Bike + Go bike around 2pm, cycled southwards approx 10 mins to Tower of London.
  2. Started on Thames Path from Tower Bridge, heading east.
  3. Cycled through St Katherines dock (nice pub/shops).
  4. Thames Path signage is very clear and easy to follow... I didn't get lost, so it must be!  Occasionally the path veers away from the riverside, but 'behind the scenes views' are quite short and often interesting in their own right.
  5. Nice views of Tower Bridge and Shard behind me from the start of this stretch of the Path.
  6. Canary Wharf office blocks draw nearer as I go eastwards.
  7. Arrived at Limehouse Basin... very scenic/upclass area.
  8. Nice views back to central London, and across to the south bank ( eg. Columbia wharf, photo 11).  The river is so bright, fresh and open... a wonderful counter-balance to the noise, traffic and built-up London.
  9. Canary Wharf office block / financial area... worth a half-day's exploring in itself (for another time, for me).
  10. Many interesting historical dockland buildings/industrial archeaology along the way (among the pleasant flats)... eg. the launch slipway of the  Great Eastern ship.
  11. The Thames Path continues to be wonderfully clearly sign-posted all the way, Greenwich becoming visible.
  12. Arrived at Island Gardens, on the north bank directly opposite Greenwich, with spectacular views across the river to  the Royal Naval College and Cutty Sark etc, also location of the entrance to the foot tunnel under the Thames (lift takes bikes!).
  13. On leaving the foot tunnel at Greenwich, the amazing Cutty Sark greets you.
  14. Funny to now  be viewing Canary Wharf across the river! 
  15. The Thames Path continues intriguingly along the south bank as it did the north (both east and west directions!)...that 's for a future trip, for me.
  16. The Royal Naval College is as spectacular up close as it was from the Island Gardens... the Royal Observatory on the hill in Greenwich Park can also be seen behind it...loads to see and do in Greenwich!
  17. The O2 arena can be seen to the east of the Royal Naval College.
  18. Another Greenwich museum and statue of Sir Walter Raleigh... the place reeks classiness and history.
  19. The foot-tunnel entrance at Greenwich is identical to the one at Island Gardens.
  20. Back on the north  bank and heading westwards back towards Liverpool Street and home... time to spot things I missed on the outgoing journey, such as industrial docklands buildings from the past, tastefully preserved among the new blocks of flats... and a waterside wharf straight out of dickens, the Shadwell basin, and the 'back' view of dock buildings as evocative as the waterside itself.
  21. Finally back to Tower Bridge (and the Shard behind it) at around 6pm, with the evening light... bye-bye Thames Path, till next time!

undefinedThanks yet again for this wonderful bike service, so handy from the Station (Liv St), so easy and economical to have the same bike all day.