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Beat the January Blues with Bike & Go

Monday, January 15, 2018

For many of us January can seem like our least favourite month of the year, but with Bike & Go you really can kick start your 2018.

Like many of us you may have eaten too many mince pies over the holidays and exercise is now at the forefront of your mind. Working out has been proven to be good for the heart and the body and it even releases endorphins which will make you feel great. But exercise doesn’t have to mean a trip to an over-crowded gym, a leisurely cycle could actually be ideal for you. Bike & Go gives you the freedom to go where you want and when you want, so there doesn’t have to be any restrictions on your exercise. Whether it’s cycling in your local park, along the waterfront or even in the city centre, Bike & Go could be the solution for you and it only costs £3.80 per 24 hours!

But exercise doesn’t have to feel like exercise when you’re on a Bike & Go. Every bike comes with a built in bike lock which can securely attach your bike to any immovable object. Handy if you want to stop off for a coffee to break up your workout! You can even keep the bike for up to 72 hours, so if there’s no room to store the bike indoors you can simply lock it up outside. Click here to see how the bike lock works.

As a Bike & Go member you have access to many benefits and one of them is being able to hire two bikes on one membership card – great for enjoying a bike ride with a friend. Once you’ve become a Bike & Go member you can recommend a friend to subscribe and both of you will be gifted a free rental when they join. Simply log into your account here, go to the Bike & Go buddy scheme and fill in their name and email address. If they sign up you will both be awarded a free rental - it has never been easier to enjoy a bike ride with friends.

So let Bike & Go be your new year’s resolution today!