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13 reasons why you should get on your Bike & Go to work!

13 reasons why you should get on your Bike & Go to work!

We all want to live longer and healthier lives and by cycling to work you can achieve just that!

A five year study was carried out which investigated the link that cycling had with halving the risk of cancer and heart disease. Scientists found that regular cycling cut the risk of these major illnesses by 45% and the commuters studied were cycling 30 miles per week without even realising! (Click here to read the full study.)

Therefore, there has never been a better incentive to cycle to work and here are 13 reasons why you should get there with Bike & Go.

  1. It's fun

Exercise has been proven to lift your mood and by cycling to work you will be starting the day as you mean to go on. Whether you’re cycling on your own or with a friend, a 10 minute Bike & Go ride will leave you feeling uplifted and energised.

  1. Say hello to the lighter mornings and evenings

The lighter mornings and evenings are now a welcomed friend, so it’s time to make the most of them. Feel the sun on your face and take in the fresh air all from the comfort of a Bike & Go.

  1. Take the scenic route

Are you bored of seeing the same train stations or the same traffic lights on your commute? Well by cycling to work you can go to places that a car or a train can’t reach! So take a different route and appreciate the beautiful scenery of your local area.

  1. There’s plenty of luggage storage

Whether it’s a handbag, back pack or even your packed lunch you can carry it with ease on a Bike & Go. The front and rear luggage carrier will keep your belongings safe and secure while you cycle.

  1. Keep your clothes clean and safe

With high-quality mud and chain guards there’s no need to worry about getting your clothes dirty or tangled in the chain. So you can arrive at work looking just as good as when you left the house!

  1. There’s no hassle

Once you’ve got your bike key from the ticket office you will be cycling in no time. Everything on the bike is set up and the only thing you’ll have to double check is the seat height, which can easily be adjusted.

  1. It’s cashless

Bike & Go is an entirely cashless scheme, meaning you’ll never have to worry about finding spare change to pay for your rental. Instead you can use that money for your morning coffee!

  1. Small charge for endless possibilities

For a small charge of £3.80 per 24 hours, Bike & Go is one of the cheapest bike hire schemes in the UK. You can even keep the bike for up to 72 hours, which means you can cycle to, and from work and anywhere in between!

  1. Safety is key

At Bike & Go we take your safety seriously, which is why we’ve fitted front and rear lights and reflectors on every bike. 

  1. Return the bike to a number of locations

Bike & Go is flexible to your needs. If your plans change there’s no need to worry about returning your bike back to the same station you hired it from. You can now return your bike to any participating station – click here for a full list of Bike & Go locations.

  1. The bikes are hardwearing and reliable

The bikes are smart, practical and hardwearing and are maintained in excellent condition. But if you do encounter a problem staff are on hand to help and can provide you with a new bike.

  1. There’s no need to buy a bike lock

With two integrated locks there’s no need to worry about where to store the bike while you’re in work. The wheel lock and cable make securing the bike simple and stress free.  

  1. We have your best interests at heart

If you cycle to work then you are halving the risk of major illnesses. So it’s time to get on your Bike & Go!

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